Adopting Club Med's Services to our Waikiki Walking Tour

Club Med is renowned for offering an all-inclusive, high-quality resort experience. While a walking tour and a resort are different types of services, there are service highlights that can inspire a superior Waikiki Walking Tour:

1. All-Inclusive Packages

Club Med: Offers all-inclusive packages that cover accommodations, food, activities, and entertainment.

Walking Tour Application: Offer all-inclusive walking tour packages that could include a guided tour, meals or snacks from local vendors, and admission to any pay-to-enter sites along the route.

2. Multilingual Staff

Club Med: Provides multilingual staff to cater to international guests.

Walking Tour Application: Ensure that guides are trained in multiple languages, or offer multilingual audio guides for the tour.

3. Wide Range of Activities

Club Med: Offers a diverse set of activities for people of all ages and interests.

Walking Tour Application: Incorporate various activities or mini-events along the tour route that cater to different interests, such as history, culture, and local food sampling.

4. High-Quality Customer Service

Club Med: Staff are trained to offer prompt, courteous, and personalized service.

Walking Tour Application: Train guides and staff in hospitality and customer service to address individual needs and questions promptly and courteously.

5. Gourmet Dining

Club Med: Offers high-quality meals prepared by skilled chefs.

Walking Tour Application: Partner with local gourmet vendors to provide high-quality snacks or meal options as part of the tour.

6. Children's Programs

Club Med: Offers dedicated programs and activities for children.

Walking Tour Application: Create family-friendly tour options with activities designed specifically for kids, such as a treasure hunt or interactive games.

7. Wellness Centers

Club Med: Provides wellness centers, including gyms, pools, and spas.

Walking Tour Application: Include optional wellness experiences, such as beach yoga or a quick massage, at specific stops.

8. Nightly Entertainment

Club Med: Offers nightly entertainment programs like shows and dances.

Walking Tour Application: Incorporate local entertainment, such as live music or hula dancers, at specific points or as an optional add-on to the walking tour.

9. Safety Measures

Club Med: High focus on safety protocols, especially in children’s areas.

Walking Tour Application: Emphasize safety in all tour communications and briefings, and ensure all safety guidelines are followed rigorously.

10. Local Experiences

Club Med: Often includes local culture as part of their resort experience.

Walking Tour Application: Include authentic local experiences like traditional crafts, cooking demonstrations, or history lessons.

By adopting these service highlights and tailoring them to fit our Waikiki Walking Tour, we offer an exceptional and memorable experience that sets our service apart from our competition.

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