"Surprising & Delighting" Tourists with Service on a Waikiki Walking Tour

The Ritz-Carlton is globally recognized for its high standard of service and its dedication to creating memorable experiences for its guests. Here's how to infuse a Waikiki walking tour with Ritz-Carlton's service standards, surprising and delighting customers at every stage of their journey:

Pre-Booking & Research
  • Personalized Recommendations: When potential customers inquire about the tour, provide tailored recommendations based on their interests, such as a sunset route or a culinary focus.
  • Interactive Previews: Offer virtual reality previews of the tour, allowing potential guests to get a taste of what's to come.
Booking & Confirmation
  • Seamless Experience: Ensure the booking process is user-friendly and intuitive, with immediate confirmation and clear instructions.
  • Personal Touch: After booking, send a personalized thank-you message, perhaps with a brief history or fun fact about Waikiki to build anticipation.
Pre-Tour Experience
  • Warm Welcome: Greet guests personally upon their arrival, offering refreshments like a traditional Hawaiian drink.
  • Luxury Touchpoints: Provide high-quality, branded essentials for the walk – sunscreen, hats, bottled water, or even cooling towels.
During the Tour
  • Anticipatory Service: Have guides trained to anticipate guests' needs, such as finding shaded areas on hot days or pointing out restrooms along the route.
  • Exclusive Access: Arrange special access to certain landmarks or attractions that aren't available to the general public, elevating the exclusivity of the experience.
  • Local Delights: Introduce guests to local traditions, perhaps with impromptu hula performances or sampling of local delicacies.
  • Personal Stories: Encourage guides to share personal stories and connections to Waikiki, fostering a deeper bond with guests.
Post-Tour Experience
  • Refresh & Relax: At the end of the tour, have a designated relaxation zone with seating, refreshments, and perhaps even a musician playing local tunes.
  • Memento: Provide guests with a small keepsake, like a postcard featuring Waikiki or a local craft, as a reminder of their experience.
Feedback & Follow-up
  • Gratitude: Express gratitude for choosing the tour, perhaps with a handwritten note.
  • Seek Feedback: Request feedback in a personalized manner, showing genuine interest in their thoughts and suggestions.
  • Loyalty Rewards: Offer discounts or perks for their next tour or for referrals to friends and family, encouraging repeat business and recommendations.
After Returning Home
  • Digital Memories: Send a digital photo album or video montage of the tour. If possible, include photos of the guests taken by the guide during the tour.
  • Anniversary Reminder: On the anniversary of their tour, send a note celebrating the memories made, perhaps with an exclusive offer for a future visit. 

By integrating these Ritz-Carlton-inspired touchpoints throughout the customer journey of a Waikiki walking tour, operators can create a luxurious, memorable experience that stands out from typical tours.

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