Shark's Cove | North Shore Oahu

Shark's Cove | North Shore Oahu

Shark's Cove is a popular snorkeling and diving spot located on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. It's situated between Waimea Bay and the Banzai Pipeline, making it part of a coastline known for its diverse marine life and water activities. Unlike some other areas of the North Shore that are famous for big-wave surfing, especially in the winter months, Shark's Cove offers a more protected environment, making it ideal for underwater exploration.


  • Tidal Pools and Lagoons: The cove is characterized by rocky outcrops, small tidal pools, and lagoons.

  • Marine Life: The area is rich in marine biodiversity. Snorkelers and divers can expect to see a variety of fish, sea turtles, and possibly even small sharks (usually the harmless white-tip reef sharks) in deeper areas.

  • Coral Formations: Coral reefs with intricate formations offer excellent opportunities for underwater photography.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Shark's Cove is during the summer months (roughly from June to September) when the water is calmer, and the conditions are more suited for snorkeling and scuba diving. Winter months (from November to February) can bring large swells and rougher conditions, making the area less suitable for snorkeling but popular for experienced divers who can navigate the challenging conditions.

Safety Considerations

  • Currents: Even though Shark's Cove is more protected than some other areas, the currents can be strong, especially as you move towards the ocean, so it's crucial to be cautious.

  • Sharp Rocks: The bottom can be rocky and sharp in places, so water shoes or fins are recommended.

  • Facilities: While there are no lifeguards stationed specifically at Shark's Cove, the nearby beaches usually have lifeguard services, and the area does have some basic facilities like restrooms and parking.

Nearby Attractions

  • Food Trucks: After a day of snorkeling or diving, you can find a range of food trucks offering local eats like shrimp plates, acai bowls, and shave ice.

  • Haleiwa Town: A short drive will take you to Haleiwa, where you can enjoy restaurants, art galleries, and shops.

  • Waimea Valley: Not far from Shark's Cove, Waimea Valley offers hiking trails and a waterfall, providing a different type of natural experience.

Shark's Cove offers a unique opportunity to explore Hawaii's underwater world and is a must-visit for anyone interested in marine life or underwater photography. Always remember to follow safety guidelines and respect the marine environment to ensure a fun and responsible experience.

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